Author: Nicolas Estrada
publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
publication Date: 05 Jul 2016
Language: English
ISBN: 9780500292402

Feature #Clamp ring


New Rings : 500+ Designs - This marvellously illustrated book is a blend of the avant-garde, the unconventional and the delightful. It showcases nearly 600 contemporary rings by some 300 international designers who stimulate the imagination by challenging traditional practices and standard definitions. The finished products are sculpture for the hands, and range from the simple to the abstract, from everyday rings to those that are more challenging. Here are rings made of gold, platinum and precious stones, of wood, bones, fibre and shells...Without exception, they are all beautifully made and intriguing in their own way.


獨立家族出版商Thames & Hudson Ltd 以研究時代藝術的型態與意識為出版重點,在2013年起再聯合以巴塞隆納為根據地的珠寶設計師及珠寶商Nicolas Estrada陸續出版了New Earrings, New Rings與New Necklaces三本當代圖鑑。Drilling Lab的Clamp Ring透過原生素材,簡化優雅、率性與真實,在實驗思考下被收錄於New Rings 500+ Design Chapter Expression (意象傳達章節),跟著Chapter Individuality(個性), Rebellion(叛逆), Commitment(承諾), Connection(連結)…等其他四章,共500多個戒指對話未來的可能。

其中,作者Nicolas Estrada 從原先國際商務專長跨足珠寶與穿戴裝置的藝術,透過商業視角看待現代飾品的語彙是我們覺得這本書相當有趣的地方,因為在近300位設計師中,從複合媒材的想像開始,到形體變異及意涵賦予,完整呈現藝術跨度下戒指的可能,並藉此了解當代飾品/穿戴裝置對比衣服有更高的冒險性,多元地遊走在順應與突破人體界線之間。