Paper is the most common packaging material, upholding the spirit of the brand to reconsider the relationship between paper and packaging, and choosing high portions recycled chipboards. The cardboards are specially processed and printed with traditional letterpress printing and roll type production to present the authenticity of paper in a direct way.

Due to screws, Allen wrenches and other objects are included, highlighting the unit and relevance are important for design concept. Inspired by the "spread toolset", the cardboards with holes are stacked up to build the packaging body so that the different items could fit perfectly. The not complete smooth levels eliminate the restriction of shapes creation. To set the main part with black rubber bands which are recycled inner tubes of bicycles and made by hand cut, every strict detail builds up simplicity and elegance.


Clamp Collection packaging design has been selected by TOPAwards Asia, the platform standing the initial impression among consumers and commodities for packaging, proving diverse directions of thoughts through the selection of Asia.

Co-Editors: Lu-wei chen / Shri Peng

luwei chen