Water Pipe Series


Water Pipe Series was inspired by industrial pipes, maintaining the original function and structure of parts which could be adjusted and assembled freely by users, creating own imaginative pitchers, bottles, and containers. The concept is extending the life cycle of objects by having multi-function and being able to be reassembled and created, which could meet different needs.


Water Pipe Series靈感來自工業水管,維持各原件的機能、構造,可依不同需求調整裝卸方式,置入使用者的想像創造,互相結合為瓶、水罐、盤等容器的組合體,通過組件間拆解、重組的彈性,高變化的多功特質,延長物件的存在週期,以開放的包容性,滿足生活諸多基本需求。

luwei chen