DL Conversation _ Zakka W


Zakka W store located in Chifeng St, Taipei, a collection of domestic and international design brands, including apparel, accessories, fragrance, and publication. As a display of various types of feature creations, the five senses of art sells a life attitude.

We had a little chat with the founder Weishin Wang on the other day here.

DL: As the object to wear represents people themselves, What is Zakka W to you?

WW: For me, the term Zakka is an extension of life, extending to the spiritual meaning, that is "seen from the ordinary but wisdom of art “. I truly agree with this concept that great thing is not necessarily strange, but an extraordinary in the ordinary. Zakka W is regarded as a concentration, retrieved from the past few years I have observed from the world, whether from design product selections to art music, covering my comprehensive small world.

DL: Zakka’s selection criteria concentrates on artistic and fine products without sticking to the flows of trend, then, comparing to other accessories brands, what's the greatest difference in DL to you?

WW: I basically own this shop, so I can choose the product I like. I have always loved the simple low­profile metal accessories, therefore, the neutral and simple style of DrillindLab is quiet an attraction to me. I like DL’s simple but clear image of the brand spirit, retaining its own metallic industrial style but not too rugged, even suitable for girls. Every process, from material selection to packing, is so precise and I really appreciate that.


Co-Editors: Lu-wei chen / Shri Peng

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