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IMPLY is a selection store located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, including apparel, accessories and tattoos. In this space, minimalism ispresented by diverse thoughts, reflecting in the plain, sharp cutting and rational lines, and selecting only the best for own.

1_ The fan page has once shared that " the definition of minimalism is not completely nothing, but how to be." IMPLY is not only a concept store, even a booth. How do you practice minimalist in your life in this city where is high costs of lands?
A: It is important to know how to choose. The " cut off, give up, and part from" can help me practice minimalism in life. First, the “cut off” is to cut off unnecessary things. Second, the “Give up” is to give up excess wastes. Last, the "part from" is to part from the attachment to subjects. In a simple way to deliver these, it's to choose things that are needed and suitable for own only in order to achieve balanced and minimalist life.

2_ The spirit of “less is more” reflects the selection of IMPLY. What's the most difference of DL, comparing to other accessories brands?
A: Drilling Lab’s design was inspired by industrial clamps, using the most primitive material without extra processing to present the “less is more” concept, which interpreting factory machinery aesthetics. I think this is what makes them different from others.

3_ "Space" is not just a store originally, but also a platform to share. What idea or direction of thought is the most wanted to convey by choosing DL.
A: As a director, I hope everyone in here could obtain something, no matter in material or spirit. IMPLY not only provides design brands of Taiwan, also includes design shoes from Hong Kong and independent tattoos, which contain various creations, backgrounds, and ideas, just to provide a larger display sharing platform. Drilling Lab plays one of the poly-role, to convey the true thinking direction without pretense.


Co-Editors: Lu-wei chen / Shri Peng


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