Drilling Lab

Drilling Lab is committed to discovering the down-to-earth nature of objects. While jewelries and accessories are usually considered as complementary ornaments, Drilling Lab shifts the focus from the aesthetics of the form back to the purpose of existence - how to make their presence fundamental yet interesting enough to be a native component of the body?

Significantly influenced by machining aesthetics, Drilling Lab reflects on its origin and presents the jewelleries from a different perspective. With “form follows function” principle at the core of its design, Drilling Lab prunes every element from materials, construction to machining techniques, retaining only the reasonable and essential elements that fulfill the functions.

The minimalism is not about aesthetics; rather it’s no more than an according circumstance to the production conditions. The beauty thus comes from this unpretentious, pragmatic and honest attitude, making the jewelleries great statement pieces of one’s identity.



發想自工業器械的結構,忠於型隨機能,Drilling Lab屏除裝飾性的設計,採傳統的加工製作程序,保留機械特有質地,追求物件樸實的初衷,呈現隨性裸露、務實直白的力度,配件,個人對生活態度的堅持及象徵。